Monday, March 12, 2012

Observed Absurdities™ 4 - Sexist Want Ads

The date was Monday, August 19, 1963. Barry Goldwater looked like he was going to be the GOP nominee for a 1964 run at the presidency against JFK. Don Drysdale had pitched a three-hitter for the L.A. Dodgers.

And The Des Moines Register printed a want ads section that was so sexist, it has shocked even me...someone who is about as politically correct as ... uh ... someone who isn't politically correct at all.

Thanks go out to co-worker and faithful reader, Queen CanDo, for finding this journalistic treasure while cleaning out some junque at her house and having the knowledge and forethought to pass it on into my What-The-Farnsworth-Am-I-Going-To-Write-About hands.

The most surprising thing, looking through the lens of 21st Century chronocentrism, is that the ads were divided into "Men Wanted" and "Women Wanted" sections...and we're NOT talking personal ads, my friends.

Coming as no surprise at all, however, are the differences between the jobs being offered to the different genders.

If you were a qualified male in 1963, you could apply for a job as: Accountant, Adjuster, Air Line Pilot (yes, that's three words), Auto and Truck Parts Man, Baker, Barber, Bellman, Bookkeeper, Bull Dozer Operator (yes, that's three words), Bus Boy, Claim Representative, Cab Driver, Casualty Underwriter, Chef, Clam Shell Operator, Concrete Block Plant Manager, Engineer, Farmhand, Finance Company Assistant Manager, Grill Cook, Hotel Night Clerk, Machinist, Mail Clerk, Management Trainee, Meat Department Manager, Pharmacist, Production Supervisor, Purchasing Agent, Sports Editor-Reporter, Tandem Truck Driver, Tool and Die Setter, TV Service Man, Welder...and this interesting item, "2 COLLEGE students to live in Funeral Home. 5 hours alternate evenings."

For the female of the species, the sky was the limit, as long as you set your sites on work as: Ad Check Clerk, Babysitter, Cashier, Cocktail Waitress, Cook, Dictaphone Operator, General Office, GIRLS who like to dance (Apply Marine Land) [Des Moines had a Marine Land?!!?], Housekeeper, Key Punch Operator, Model, Personnel Counselor, Pizza Helper, Room Clerk, Salad Girl, Saleslady, Secretary, Sewing Machine Operator, Stenographer, Telephone Contact Work for Dinner Club, Typist, Waitress, or a "WOMAN to work in Smitty's Donut Shop."

You HAVE come a long way, baby.

Of course, if it were me, I'd dress up as a girl to work in the donut shop, then sleep at the funeral home every other night.

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