Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's the opposite of false humility?

Every so often, I click my way over to and search on "Almost the Truth about Youth Ministry" just to see if the book-selling behemoth is still making my tome available...or to see if anyone else has written a review. (Thanks, Denise Grove [classmate from high school], for "Funny, funny, funny! Dewey Roth should have written a longer book. I read it in one sitting. It left me wanting more.")

It's always a nice feeling to see it there, but imagine the stuh-range feeling I had when this was my search result:

I know that screen shot might be hard to read, so let me elucidate and illuminate...or at least ruminate.

Brand new for $9.95. That makes perfect sense. That's what a person would pay at

I can even kind of understand "12 new from $8.36." being the only place where the book is actually available, (if amazon sells a copy, they have to buy it from first) there are apparently some independent sellers out there willing to take a $1.59 loss in hopes of making it up with inflated shipping charges. Okay...fine.

But here's what does a fairly fine job of confusing me beyond the bounds of my normal, loose grasp of reality: "2 used from $16.27"? And to be exact, one seller is offering a "used--like new" copy for $16.27 and a different seller has decided he/she can't let a copy go for anything under $16.28.


Are there people out there who just refuse to get a decent bargain and insist, instead, on paying over 63.5% more? For a used copy? (And True Truth be told, you and I both know those sellers haven't purchased a copy from yet, so if anyone is fool enough to order from them, it will be an absolutely new copy.)

What is this...the 1980s?

Of course, the best solution to it all is for you fine folks to order a copy directly from, so the pauper-esque publisher (me) gets a bigger share of your hard-earned greenbacks.

THAT'LL teach those unscrupulous up-markers of others' output!

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