Monday, June 8, 2009

Roadkill Ode

I saw the strangest roadkill
Along I-35
It filled my heart with pity
For what was once alive

Why it tried to cross the road
Like chicken-tales of old
Is something we will never know
A story never told

But there it lay, flattened out
Soaking in the rain
Long past being frightened
Or feeling any pain

The driver simply drove away
As if he didn't need it
Surprising, since the object was
A queen-sized PosturePedic

A drying out, some cleaning
And it'd be good as new
But those were things the driver
Must have thought he couldn't do

Instead, the roadkill mattress
Perhaps a U-Haul blunder
Was left to peak our interest
And fill us full of wonder

1 comment:

Joe K said...

I think I saw that same mattress, although it did not give me poetic inspiration.