Sunday, March 1, 2009 all the wrong places

In a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly (#1036, 02/27/09, to be exact), Lindsay Soll wrote an interview piece focused on the television show, The Bachelor.

That in itself would be a journalistic event worthy of our fullest powers to ignore, but I noticed something interesting in a sidebar to the interview that answered the burning question, "Past Bachelors: Where are they now?" Season 7's bachelor, Charlie O'Connell received this write-up:

Jerry O'Connell's li'l bro is back with his now-fiancee, Sarah Brice, after breaking up in 2007. The pair are pitching a reality show about their romance. "We didn't fully know each other when we started dating," says O'Connell. "We're looking to move back in together, but the right way this time."

"The right way" being with television cameras continuously focused on your every move? Is that what you're suggesting, Chuck? Yes've really learned your lesson now, huh bud?

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