Friday, December 28, 2007

News Flash...This just in...

It's official...ALMOST THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUTH MINISTRY: Salesmen, Secretaries and Smart Alecks is now published and available for preview and purchase at

That's not a quick-call-the-president kind of announcement in the world of self-publishing, print-on-demand books, but for me it's kind of -- well, not exciting, really -- more like satisfying. Yeah, that's it: satisfying. No longer am I saddled with the thought, I really should write a book about that some day, because the deed is done!

A sample chapter will be appearing here soon...try not to turn blue while you wait in breathless anticipation.


Christine said...

This is AWESOME. As soon as possible I'm ordering one. I had no idea this book was still in motion. Good for you daddy. And I'm glad, now that I like reading I can enjoy it.


Dewey said...

"As soon as possible"...that would be when Bruce Willis calls back and says, "Hey, Curtis..." right?