Friday, July 7, 2017

Wizard of Ozzapalooza

There's a long-standing legend that Pink Floyd's album, Dark Side of the Moon, works as a soundtrack to the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz. I've always wanted to test the theory, but had neither the time nor the technical resources to make it happen...but someone identified as Cottage of the Crone, at, has gone to the trouble for me. With fair warning that some of the lyrics are PG-worthy, I'll leave it up to your judgement as to whether the reality is worthy of the legend.

But wait! There's more!

How about this grand experience of industrial-strength OCD by Matt Bucy: The whole movie in alphabetical order. I particularly recommend the "arf" section and all the Ws.

And that's not all!

If you've got four minutes to spare, treat yourself to this animated retelling of Frank L. Baum's tale, set to a remix beat.

And now, back to the insignificant things of life, like work and food and family... 

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