Friday, January 30, 2015


I try to be nice.

I want to stay as positive as I possibly can.

But some things go so far against my sense of justice...I must speak up against the darkness of today in the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

I've spoken before, with little effect, about the affront to all things humorous that is Fred Basset, a mislabeled "comic" strip originally produced by Alex Graham but now carried on by his daughter, Arran, and artist, Michael Martin.  May God richly bless them for their desire to have Alex's legacy live on, but seriously...does the world need this dreck?

The most recent Sunday edition of the least comical comic in print serves as a prime example of why Fred Basset should be allowed to die with dignity (though I fear it's a bit late for that). [WARNING! Graphic images of extreme dullness follow. Be advised that narcolepsy may ensue.]

In the first panel, we see Britain's favorite hound getting a bath.

Then we are treated to views of him being dried and brushed.

Finally, the kicker...the big punchline that all of this has been building up to:

And newspapers PAY for the rights to print this stuff.

Bring on the four horsemen of the apocalypse, please.

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