Friday, September 23, 2016

Almost True Confessions

What with all the political wrangling and accusations swirling around, I feel the need to set a good example by laying my cards on the table and owning up to a few things about myself:

  • When I dial in for a conference call at work (DocumentCzar), and the computer voice says "At the sound of the tone, state your name and press the pound sign," I usually say "Your name".
  • While listening to the news, my brain shuts off whenever it hears the words "On Wall Street today...".
  • When giving our tiny canine-like creature (MarcoSansPolo, a practically weightless chihuahua) a bath, I secretly contemplate how easy it would be to wring his little neck and never have to pick up after him in our backyard ever again.
  • I sometimes use an online word generator ( to help me play Scrabble. (The almost true part of that confession is the word sometimes.)
  • I don't really understand the popularity of Twitter.
  • I don't really give a tweet about understanding popularity.
  • I'm not really as popular as Tweety Bird.
  • Larry Bird wasn't really a fan of Conway Twitty.
  • Lady Bird was really a twit on the subway.
  • Big Bird can't fit on a subway.

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