Friday, June 27, 2008

Ahhh, look at all the lovely people

The youngest Fruit Of My Loins, KayJay, works at the local swimmin' hole (officially known as the Apple Valley Parks and Recreation Department Aquatic Center...bleck) and had a celebrity encounter at the refreshment counter. She served hot dogs and nachos to her favorite Christian music artist, Sara Groves. Because of this, Beloved went to Mrs. Groves' website,, to check on her concert schedule...found out that the next day she was going to be in New York City.

It was just kind think that one day she's shoving carbs into her kids' faces at the pool and the next day she's singing her songs in front of thousands of people.

Yes...of course...I've always known that "famous" people aren't always sitting at a piano writing songs or standing in front of a camera emoting. They've got real lives that have to be lived: Dinners to cook and faces to shave and teeth to brush. But it got me to thinking...what kind of normal hobbies and activities do some of the more-well-known people of the universe engage in when they're not earning their truckloads of cash? We all know that Jay Leno likes to collect and work on cars and motorcycles, but what about some of the other famous faces?

Sparing no expense (translation: spending no money), I've done some research and herewith offer a short list of some of the more interesting free time activities of the Beautiful People:
  • Jack Nicholson crochets sweaters for chihuahuas.
  • Barry Manilow plays paintball.
  • Mariah Carey coaches high school wrestling.
  • Alan Alda sneaks into emergency rooms and sutures lacerations with silk.
  • Paris Hilton butchers her own cattle.
  • Stevie Wonder drives in demolition derbies.

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