Friday, June 23, 2017

My iPhone Made Me Say This

You know how when you're typing a text or a tweet or whatever and your phone will give you two or three suggestions as to what it thinks you are attempting to type?

Yeah, well, I started taking my phone's suggestions and ended up with a series of seriously unserious tweets.


  • The best way for a great game to start is at your house.
  • The only way I could find my favorite song is to be a little kid or a complete idiot.
  • The best way for a great app to keep your business info from Facebook is to be able to email you with your own info.
  • I'm pretty sure my mom is the only person who can make me feel better.
  • I'm not surprised to hear that the new version of Facebook has a better way to get a new iPhone.
  • The best thing about this is how much more time I can make for my life.
  • The only way I could be with my family and my favorite thing is when we are all together.
  • I'm sure that you are not surprised at all the times I am not surprised.
  • I'm pretty much just a guy who can make a difference.
  • The best thing about being home alone was the fact that I was able to find the right time to read.
  • I think there's no point to this.
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