Friday, February 17, 2017

Harry Potter and the Hard Day's Night

It was just another episode of #TuesdayTrivia at the Almost the TruthTM:Publishing Facebook page. The question: On November 9, 1967, who became the first artist to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine? (Initial hint: He WASN'T a member of The Rolling Stones)

The answer came quickly, from one Stephanie NotZimbalist. She wrote "John Lennon?"

In spite of her tentativeness, she was correct and was awarded a VirtualPrize ("No actual prizes are harmed in the playing of #TheMorningGames") of "a pair of round spectacles." (See what I did there? Lennon is well-known for wearing round eyeglasses, so that became the...yeah, you got it.)

It was then that things began to go catty-whumpus...

Inspired by her inhuman level of Pottermania, Stephanie responded to the announcement of her prize with the words "and a lightning bolt scar?" Which got me contemplating the Beatles/Harry Potter mash-up suggested by the above title, which eventually led to the question "What if the Beatles were contracted to create a 'Music Inspired by Harry Potter' album?", which led to the following song list, created by yours truly and the spousal team of Stephanie NotZimbalist and NotPaul Newman. (Stephanie and Matt Newman...SHOUT OUT!)

  • I Am the Horcrux
  • I Saw Hermione Standing There (But Then She Threw On a Cloak of Invisibility)
  • All You Need Is Amortentia
  • Mean Mr. Voldemort  -  "Such a mean old death-eater!"
  • Here Comes the Stun
  • Dumbledore on the Hill
  • Privet Drive  -  "Privet Drive, a wizard stirs another potion pot; a pretty witch is selling butter beer from a tray"
  • Quidditch Pitches Forever
  • I Want to Hold Your Wand
  • Eleanor Weasley
  • While My Hippogriff Gently Weeps

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