Friday, January 27, 2017

Change a Word; Ruin a TV Series

These are ALMOST television classics...

  • Game of Tomes  -  An epic tale of deceit, murder, and mayhem, while one family after another fights for the keys to the local library
  • Bar Trek  -  Their mission, to boldly go where no one has been drunk before
  • Fiends  -  A group of people who are really mean to each other drink a lot of coffee
  • Steinfelt  -  A stand-up comedian in New York City chooses the wrong material from which to fashion a mug for his beer
  • M*E*S*H  -  The merry mix-ups that occur in a stockings factory
  • The Pig Bang Theory  -  Supplying weapons to swine is never a good idea

  • Steers  -  There's a ranch a-way out west where everybody knows your name
  • Handy Griffith  -  Southern sheriff gets arrested on molestation charges
  • Saturday Afternoon Live  -  Live feeds from across America of people mowing their lawns, shopping, and taking naps.
  • 44 Minutes  -  All that's left of an hour after the commercials
  • dirtysomething  -  Drama about baby boomers working in a laundry
  • Buffy the Spider Slayer  - Teen queen exterminator
  • Stall in the Family  -  A rest room attendant wishes his meathead son-in-law would take over the family business

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