Friday, February 5, 2016

Amazing Facts - Prepare To Be Shocked!

Judging by life as I know it here in corporate America, hardly anyone is aware of the things on this short list of Actual Factual Stuph. Try to keep your shorts clean as I lay some amazing facts on you.

  1. Not all toilets are self-flushing.
  2. Plastic ice trays do not fill themselves up with water.
  3. Break room countertops do not magically absorb spilled salt, sugar, coffee, and/or whatever that green stuff is that hardened over last weekend.
  4. When the music service your office subscribes to has a playlist of only 40 songs, you get the same song shoved into your ears 20 times a week, i.e., 4 times a day. (File under: Hostile Work Environment)

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