Friday, November 6, 2015

Heart Attack To Go, Please

Sometimes, it's a good thing when McBurgendy's takes an unusually long time to fill your order.

Why, you ask?

Because sometimes, when McBurgendy's takes an unusually long time to fill your order, the manager not only hands you your order, but also a nifty little card entitling you to a free value meal.

I speak from experience.

And then, if the planets have aligned just perfectly, something happens to you like what happened to me when I used my nifty little card entitling me to a free value meal.

I bravely approached the counter (I avoid using the drive-thru whenever possible, if only as a protest against its spelling...or lack thereof.), ordered my Double 4-Ouncer with Cheese, and gleefully awaited the arrival of two-days'-worth of sodium and fat.

Soon, my order arrived, but alas, the requested absence of pickles and onions was muffed.

And the second attempt had no pickles nor onions...but also lacked cheese.

As the McBurgendy's employee approached me the third time, she had a smile on her face and TWO paper bags in her hands.

That's right, Almosteteers, I left the place with two small drinks, two orders of fries, and two Double 4-Ouncers with Cheese...a full pound of heart-stopping deliciousness.

And oh of those beefy boulders also had bacon on it.

Jesus loves me, this I know.


Anonymous said...

This is why I never custom order anything at a fast food restaurant (though non-fast food restaurants aren't usually much better). I either pick it off or don't order it if it has something I'd prefer not ingest.

Dewey said...

What...and miss out on McBurgendy's comical attempts to do it your way?