Friday, October 9, 2015

That's Just Plain Looney

Because I can, and because if I can perhaps I should...and because some of the kids I'm performing with in Giant Step Theatre's latest production (Tom & Huck) have never watched a significant amount of Looney Tunes (I shudder to think what has happened to SocietyAtLarge)...this week's post is a celebration of Bugs Bunny and the gang that sprang from the Warner Bros. Studios' Termite Terrace.

Quotable Quotes (with thanks to the Looney Tunes SoundSource):

And because it would be wrong not to include an actual example of this animated greatness, here's one of my favorites. This "live" presentation is the only version of the complete "Rabbit of Seville" I could find, but the fact that even THIS is entertaining is witness to how wonderful Chuck Jones and Co. really were.

And the biggest "because" of all...this Looney tribute is here because I have absolutely nothing else to write about this week.

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