Friday, September 25, 2015

Stripping It Into Shape

These Bitstrip comics keep getting more and more realistic...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tweet It Again, Sam

Just in case you haven't been dialed in to the Twitter wonderosity known as @deweyroth, allow me to repeat some tweets you could have seen live and in person HAD you been...

UberFacts: Australia moves toward Asia 3 inches per year.” How long has this been going on? Because it hasn't run into Asia yet, right?

Martin Van Halen #AlmostThePrez

Richard M. Nikon #AlmostThePrez

#NewsFlash: Nobody cares what you had for dinner. #TrueTruth

Needless wordage. #NormalTweet

I probably ate at least a dozen Oreos in the employee breakroom last night. #GodIsGood

ChruchSecretary: Pie & Lattes > Pilates” #Truth

Just watched #BlackHawkDown and am disappointed it wasn't about a depressed bird.

UberFacts: The first recipient of a silicone breast implant was a dog.” until she got the!

UberFacts: In Finland, when someone earns their Ph.D., they are given a top hat and a sword.” That tears it! I'm moving!

UberFacts: Every second, you make 500 new skin cells.” No wonder #I'mExhausted

UberFacts: Women are more likely to duck into the men’s room than vice versa.” Because you CAN'T men into the duck room. #Duh

UberFacts: You are more likely to be killed by your sofa than by a terrorist attack.” I've never trusted my sofa. Now I know why.

Factsionary: There are 14 billion insects for every human on Earth.” Anybody can have mine, I don't want them.

Blathering in the #digital world

Just swam in a hotel pool in Jaynesville WI. Now showering off the #cheese residue.

Factsionary: Archeologists have found pots of honey thousands of years old in Ancient Egyptian tombs that are still edible.” #ediblepots

UberFacts: A feral pig in Australia stole 18 beers from a campsite, got drunk, and then tried to fight a cow.” O the evils of Drink

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress

I can't stop thinking about Flip Wilson in a dress.

It's not Flip's fault. It's because of the Truth Is post earlier this week. Talking about how people blame the devil for things they do, it's only natural that this kid of the Seventies thought about "The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress."

And now, thanks to the timelessness of YouTube, you can think about it, too.

You are welcome.

Friday, September 4, 2015

For the Labor Force

As Labor Day approaches at its absolutely latest possible date, let me take the time to note that hardly anyone this side of a tombstone refers to just Labor Day anymore. Almost without fail, we talk about Labor Day Weekend.

Granted, this revelation falls far short of being revolutionary, intriguing, or surprising. It does, however, remind me of how our youngest daughter, KayJay, took the whole thing literally when giving birth to our granddaughter, SweetCheeks.

KayJay was not satisfied with having a few hours of labor. Even a day of labor wasn't enough. She stretched it out to a whole weekend...50 hours, to be exact.

And that, for those of you unfamiliar with the Norwegian ways of Minnesnowta, is what we call Uffdah.