Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wanna Almost Win Something?


Our judges want to pump up the participation in The Morning Games at the Almost the Truth Publishing FaceBook page. How to do that? Increase the number of Likes for the page. How to do that? Get those who ALREADY Like us to post a link to the page on the timelines of their friends with an encouragement to Like & Follow. How to do that? OFFER AN INCENTIVE.

As we march toward the milestone of 500 Likes, whoever gets the highest number of their friends to Like the Almost the Truth Publishing FB page, and give them credit for it by posting their name on the page, will win...the audio recording...Bible Alive! It's the New Living Translation dramatized on 59 CDs.

And here's why that's a perfect prize for Almost the's actually 61 CDs, but this collection is missing Genesis 21:8 - 35:10 and Matthew 17:14 - Mark 3. (ALMOST the truth...get it?)'ve got until July 31 or 500 likes, whichever comes first. Encourage your friends to Like the page and post YOUR name on the page. Whoever gets the most friends to comply is our big winner!

(Notice...this contest is untouched by any lawyer's hand and our judges will do their best to be fair and all that, so just have some fun and run with it, OK?)

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