Friday, February 21, 2014

I Need Help Understanding This

For the benefit of those with short-term memory loss issues, let me state that last Friday was Valentine's Day. As part of the culturally-mandated celebration of said day, Beloved posted a greeting on my FaceBook timeline.

THAT I don't need help to understand. The message was straightforward, simple, and - one is convinced - heartfelt. But what I DO need help with is the reaction to her post by a few of our FB Friends.

Now here's the understanding is that to "Like" something on FaceBook is to express agreement with it or appreciation for it...kind of like saying "Amen" in church or "I wish I'd said that" in a discussion. Sometimes, perhaps, it serves as a convenient way to acknowledge that you've read the comment in question but don't really have anything to say in response.

I get all that.

What I DON'T get is how I am to interpret the fact that Eric, Dale, and Stacey "like" this particular greeting. Does it mean they're happy that my wife wished me a happy valentine's day? Were they concerned about the solidity of our relationship? Does it mean they love me, too? Does it mean they're creeping around, spying on everything that transpires in my life and will soon be shoehorning their way into every conversational thread of which I am a part? Does it mean I should cancel my FaceBook account and start a newer, more private one?

Does it mean I should stop being such a worrywart and do something worthwhile with my time instead of sitting here in front of this keyboard?


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