Friday, December 6, 2013


Once again, our heartfelt thanks go out to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for cluing us in on the following flights of fanciful fact.

  • Cleopatra used cucumber juice as a skin lotion.
  • Elvis Presley always wore a helmet while watching football on TV. [Safety first, I always say.]
  • A German folk remedy: to quiet a teething baby, rub its gums with sheep brains. [ did the Germans ever stumble across this? "I can't take this crying anymore! Hit the kid in the mouth with this open sheep skull!"]
  • 26% of American children under the age of two have a TV in their room.

  • It costs a zoo five times more to keep a panda than it does to keep an elephant. [Shoot...that bamboo doesn't come cheap, you know.]
  • One of the most widely recognized scents in the world is baby powder. [If chalk powder is tiny bits of chalk...]
  • In 1994, a man escaped from a West Virginia prison using a rope made of dental floss.
  • Sauerkraut was invented by the Chinese. [Apparently, the Germans did something to offend them (probably involving sheep brains), so they wanted to get even.]
  • The average carrot has to travel 1, 836 miles to reach your dinner table. [All without a driver's license!]
  • There are 40,000 toilet-related injuries annually in the U.S. [Good thing I'm not related to a toilet.]
  • The average unwanted can of food sits in the cupboard 2.7 years before being thrown away. [Methinks I may be raising the average on that.]
  • With a total of 300 million tires a year, the world's largest tire manufacturer makes the world's smallest tires. We're talking about Lego.
  • The Romans wore socks with their sandals. [File under: Ancient Nerds]
  • Walt Disney World uses 194,871 miles of toilet paper every year. [That stat just wipes me out.]

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