Friday, June 22, 2012

This Is Not My Fault

Every weekday morning, my FaceBook status becomes a sort of trivia game. On Mondays it's Film's First Lines...I post the first line of dialog from a movie and the goal is for one of my friends to comment on the status with the title of the movie in which the line is spoken (or, in the case of "My mind is clearer now," from Jesus Christ Superstar, sung). Tuesdays are TV Theme Songs. Thursdays, Name That Tune, and Fridays, Film's Final Lines.

Wednesdays are a different kind of treat in that I post a picture...usually cropped in a way to make it a bit cryptic...and the task is to identify who or what the picture is, or from whence it sprang forth.

On a recent Wednesday, the thread of comments took on a level of chaos unreached before in the annals of FaceBookology. Herewith...the picture in question and the unedited "flow" of comments that followed. The names have not been changed because none of these goobers are innocent.

Drew Foster bugs bunny cartoon
Dewey Roth Yeah...but our judges were hoping for something a little more specific...
Drew Foster umm...bugs bunny cartoon the one with the wet paint
L J Sam Helgerson DF -- Yeah. The one with the wet paint. That's my favorite of ALL the Bugs Bunny cartoons--except for the ones with Pete Puma. Gotta love wet paint. (C'mon Dewey, muscle the judges into giving a prize to Drew).
Alley Long Willis ^ yes, the judges are getting a little picky these days. He's like Lucy with the football, and we're all Charlie Brown.
Dewey Roth Wow...usually the judges are pretty laid back, but they're really giving me a hard time on this one. They say they're willing to give Drew an Audacity Certificate for thinking he could get away with such a generic response. They are also willing to release Hint #1: Those are Elmer Fudd's toes.
Drew Foster ok..bugs bunny cartoon, the one where elmer fudd gets wet paint on his toes
Paul Hattouni wasn't this the Bugs Bunny cartoon that was playing on the Titanic when it sunk? Just before Aliens invaded and are up all our Fried Green Tomatoes near the Win Dixie?
L J Sam Helgerson PH -- No, Paul, I think this was the one where Elmer Fudd chased Bugs Bunny to Pandora where Bugs was helping Charleton Heston lead the Screen Actor's Guild across the Green Screen of Death.
Dewey Roth Paul...are you on medication?
Drew Foster I don't know, but I like where he is going
Paul Hattouni Dewey - always, :( They just sometimes have undocumented side affects.
Paul Hattouni LJ - no no no. This is the one playing on Ed Sullivan while the Rolling Stones played the theme from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.
Alley Long Willis Yes, yes! And then Rocky Balboa storms in and knocks out Elmer Fudd. Then Bugs Bunny and the cast of Glee break out into "We are the Champions."
Dewey Roth Okay, people...FOCUS!!! Hint #2: Tonsorial talents gone awry.
Paul Hattouni Pffft....our story is now more fun than the guessing Dewey! lol.
Drew Foster Oh my goodness, if this was Jeopardy..I would have won by now
Paul Hattouni ...and then Daffy Duck shows up with Godzilla who eats part of Elmers shoe. And then the Ghostbusters paint his toes so Jaws won't eat them.
Paul Hattouni (in other words, Dewey.....we have no clue!!)
Alley Long Willis ...and then Harry Potter cries out "Expeliarmus!" and Elmer's shot gun goes flying away from him and a dragon swoops down and snatches the shotgun away. All the while, Hedwig delivers a very important letter to Foghorn Leghorn.
Drew Foster I really don't know who all you people are (cuz I live in Idaho) but I like the way you think!!!
Paul Hattouni Maybe that's not really a foot at all, but an Idaho spud with ketchup on it!
Dewey Roth Somewhere along the way here, I've lost the will to live. but I've gained a posting for my humor blog, Almost the Truth!
Paul Hattouni oh!! Good Will Hunting?
Dewey Roth Hint #3: The title includes the name of a city in Spain and is a parody of an opera by Rossini.
Drew Foster rabbit of seville
Paul Hattouni Les Miserables de Madrid
Dewey Roth Our judges have collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath, but have managed the strength to award Drewcifer OfCOURSEiDidn'tGoogleAnything Foster a set of hair trimmers and a large cannon!
L J Sam Helgerson Carmen Ghia?
Paul Hattouni *** applause ***
Alley Long Willis ah man, does this mean the story has ended?
L J Sam Helgerson ALW -- This does: *Amen*
Michael J. Weiss Is this Fog Horn Leg Horn?
Dewey Roth Michael J. NotFox gets a Way To Come Late To The Party award!
Michael J. Weiss Awesome! that good?
Drew Foster If the judges are going to be so strict...then we should be able to 'phone a friend' like google or youtube, just sayin
Michael J. Weiss Since I did not read through the postings I deserve at least one point. I SAY I SAY LISTEN TO ME SON--I-I-I DESERVE ONE POINT.
Dewey Roth You deserve a point for being late AND wrong? Gotta love America.
Michael J. Weiss So, let me understand the rules: 1) Points awarded for first to answer. 2) Answer must be correct. This is a hard contest!
Dewey Roth I'm 50% German, so that's how I roll - er - march.

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