Friday, April 20, 2012

A Dance Team, By Any Other Name

Saturday, April 7, 2012's StarTribune ran an article by Kim McGuire with the headline, "Name Change Stirs Up a Nest of Hornettes." The first two paragraphs will give you the gist of the piece:

When Edina High School administrators changed the dance team's name from the Hornettes to just plain Hornets - the school's sports nickname - they thought it would instill a sense of unity among students who spend autumn Friday nights cheering for their favorite football team.

But the move has stung hundreds of community members who think the school is kicking a 53-year-old tradition to the curb for no good reason.

The article goes on to talk about petitions and hearings and threats of gathering some feathers and warming up some tar.

Two things:

One...yes, I noticed the phrase "the move has stung hundreds" in a story about the Hornets. Cute.

Two...I would think the dance team would be glad to change their name away from something that makes them sound like a group of sexually-excited little people.

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