Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Waiting Room

Here I sit, where families wait
While Beloved gets help for her gait
Our 31st to celebrate

What to get her for a present?
More costly than glass over pheasant
A new right knee: Oh my! How pleasant!

When they wheeled her through the door
I can't say that it was a bore
But I've had deja vu before

When 30 years we had been wed
To this same room I had been led
A new left knee laid her in bed

Back then, I felt a whole lot dumber
Than I do this cusp of summer
Now I know PT's a bummer

But still, we let the surgeon slice
To walk painfree will be so nice
And so we've let him do it twice is not a curse
It certainly could be much worse:
I could compose a longer verse!


Dave Burkum said...

Sometimes your genius is simply indisuptable!

Dewey said...

Is that a joke or a typo? I'm do four either.